4 Reasons Why Designers and Developers Should Learn to Write


Let me tell you a secret that involves writers, designers, photographers, developers, and everyone who make a living by using their technical skills. If you are using the internet to gather and share information you really must learn this secret. What is the secret, you ask? The secret is that everyone should learn how to write in order to advance well.

The days of people who focus only on one skill is numbered. Slowly, and steadily, a rise of designers, photographers, developers, and anyone who knows what a blog is are starting to write.

This will be harsh for people whose desire is to focus only on their trade. People in the online community will soon eradicate specialists, the internet will be filled with Jack-of-all-trades and if you are not one you won’t get noticed.

Reason #1: To be noticed

Yes, you are a great designer but do people even notice you? It is actually all about ego. Learn to write and start a blog to let people know who you are and finally create your online persona –  how people look at you in the online community. This is important, ego too, because when you finally get noticed by a large community, that itself becomes your ticket to becoming a superstar.

Why do you need to be noticed? Simple. Wide audience spells more business opportunities. Once known by thousands of people you can actually say that your life is secured. It’s like planting your roots so deep that even frost won’t reach. (LOTR reference, cool!)

Reason #2: To build confidence

Of course everybody knows how to write, what I mean is to write things that people would want to read. When you become more knowledgeable in your field you can gain more authority by giving people tips and tutorials. Share your experience and inspire people.

Think of the first website you run into whenever you have questions. People who can answer your questions in forms of a discussion or an article sure are impressive. Why? Because they are confident enough that the information they give will be of help, mind that anyone can view information on the internet.

TL;DR version (Too long; didn’t read):

It takes guts to write a tutorial. If you do, you are on your way to a distinguished road.

Reason #3: To start a business


Perhaps a goal that every freelancers share is to have a business of their own. And business entails lots of writing. To kickstart a freelancing business you need, of course, an avenue to showcase your works and for people to see you. Meaning you must have a website. There you must tell prospect customers why should they choose your services and what makes you reliable. Refer to #1 and #2.

It is practical to do more with less people involved. If you can write, you won’t have the need to hire a writer. Or in the case when you will really need to hire one, at least you have already experienced writing and know how things work (one way to avoid a scammer). *laughs*

Reason #4: To mentor

Days will pass swiftly and many will not even notice until they’re already about to retire. It will be a liberating experience for a few months until you realize you are actually no longer being productive. Depression will kick in and wrinkles will be carved. Nobody wants that, right?

Realize that you can actually be more productive while helping people get up their feet. A simple analogy for MMORPG gamers: when you finally reach the maximum level what do you usually do? That’s right, help people. With all the experience you have your knowledge of things will surely benefit young people, and they will love you for that. And mind you, the internet has overcome the Great Wall of China, which makes connecting to people very easy. Because of the internet and its fast revolutions you can reach millions of audience. You can be a mentor.

What about writers?!

Writers should go outside of their comfort zone and write on different niches. Practice different writing styles, imitate famous journalists and novelists, and you will be super! By stepping out of your zone you make yourself vulnerable to harsh elements like criticisms for a poorly-written article or worse no audience at all. But the risk and pain involved is inversely proportional to the knowledge you will gain.

I love sharing personal experiences (in case some of my readers have noticed) and now I will tell you a very short one.

I began writing love poems back in high school, they were so terrible that I dared not show them to anyone. Soon I started writing short stories and I joined my school’s official paper. I wrote feature articles and became an editor. And during my last year in college I was an editor of my college’s official paper. Now I am writing for 1stWD and I am very happy. From pesky poem writer to short stories to more serious business I daresay I have improved quite a bit, but there’s still an ocean of knowledge I need to swim on. And I will!

/Boring Story

It is good to write things you know because:

When you write, you share

When you share, you help

When you help, you make the world better

When the world becomes better, living becomes easier

Living easily means more happy people

Happy people are inspired people

When people are inspired, they share

And what they want to share, they write

Need Help?

I know my writing is not that great but I am willing to help people! Just ask and I will be there, I’m pretty quick at replying. Feel free to criticize (creatively) things because when you do, you help people improve. Share your suggestions or violent reactions below. Please?



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